Changing Mean Photos to Meaningful Photos

Lonely sparraw at Dawn
Lonely Sparrow at Dawn  © Parthography 

Lonely sparraw at Night
Lonely Sparrow at Night  © Parthography 

Sparrow on the Branch - Original  © Parthography 
Many a times, as a beginner to photography, we tend to take shots &  later we feel this shot is so mean,  not so worthy to share. One such shot was this one, which was to be deleted.

Taken in Mysore, India, with a Point and Shoot Fuji A100. I felt not to show to any one, because it hardly conveyed any thing to anybody.

One day on a closer watch, I found the domestic sparrow perching on the branch was very unique. Then I took this Photo to the free image Garage GIMP. After few ideas and few trials, I ended with two composite images, which I shared above. Just by changing the photo Background and cropping the original image, the result was from MEAN to MEANINGFUL.

  1. Crop the image
  2. Use Threshold + Selection,  to isolate the black foreground.
  3. Create a new layer under the first layer.
  4. Use Graduation fill, to your creativity in this new layer.
  • Colour Banding - Bands of same colour forms a strips of  colour hues.
  • Solution:- Add Calculated Noise. [Learnt from Ampix0]

Lesson learnt  :- There is nothing called waste. Waste is only when we stop thinking twice or more about the problem and find a suitable solution. In Tamil there is a proverb  (வல்லவன்னுக்கு புல்லும் ஆயுதம்)  " For  an Expert, even the blade of hay is a powerful weapon. "

3 Reviews:

Vasanthkumar said...

Sama processing, liked the picture very much. Fully agree with you no picture can be treated as waste, we click it only because we liked the particular moment to be frozed

Parthiban T said...

@Vasanthkumar, valid point you raised "we click it only because we liked the particular moment to be frozed".
Now many Photography Gurus suggest, Review the old to-be-discard shots. It may help one to learn from the mistake made.

Kumaran said...

Though the composite versions are excellent !!! I like the original snap very much.. I have a doubt anna it might be silly for you, should all the photographs to be meaningful? I really don't know about photography...

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